We have chosen to plant Tablas Creek Vineyard Selections because of their intensity of flavor and true varietal character. Tablas Creek Vineyards brought vine material from Château de Beaucastel through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s quarantine program in the early 90’s. After propagating the vines for their own vineyards, they made their selections available to other growers.


2007 Plantings


In 2007 we planted one acre of Mourvèdre and one acre of Grenache.


2008 Plantings


In 2008 we’ll be planting two more acres of Grenache.


2009 Plantings


In 2009 we’ll be planting our remaining two acres with a varietal or varietals that have yet to be determined.




We’re expecting our first harvest in 2009. We would welcome inquiries from interested winemakers.  Please contact us for more information.  
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